TOS / TUS parts (Guide Rail System)


AS、BS、B、BV、GD、P series with automatically lift bracket, which is easy to repair or maintain by guide rail bars and chains. On the other hand, that help pumps ascend and descend, assemble and disassemble, and it is safer and more convenient compared to traditional pump.


  • Piggery excrement, factory sewage, food-processing factory, leather factory, paper dyeing, iron and steel, and various industries.


  • Depending on the installation situation at the project site, we have Lifting Device for option. But the pump and guide rail are excluded from our lifting device, pump and guide rail need to be purchased additionally.

■ Cast Iron:

Type Discharge
TYPE Inch mm
TOS-2 2" 50
TOS-3 3" 80
TOS-3-2 3"→2" 50
TOS-4 4" 100
TOS-4-3 4"→3" 80
TOS-6 6" 150
TOS-8 8" 200

■ Stainless Steel:

Type Discharge
TYPE Inch mm
TUS-2 2" 50
TUS-3 3" 80
TUS-3-2 3"→2" 50
TUS-4 4" 100
TUS-4-3 4"→3" 80