JET / TOJ parts(JET Aerator / Guide Rail System)


Industrial wastewater aeration treatment, animal husbandry sewage water aeration treatment, general sewer aeration engineering, aeration tank of the active slurry treatment in the plant, aeration of various industries and the apparatus of mixing wastewater treatment.


  1. Air Pipe:Vortex impeller produces high speed jet flow to cause the discrepancy of the minus pressure and barometric pressure in the mixing chamber in order to the air is sucked in the mixing chamber through air pipe.
  2. Mixing Chamber:The air sucked in the mixing chamber by high speed produces upward convection of numerous tiny bubbles through compressing the air and water of the effect of water pressure to increase the oxygen in the aeration tank.
  3. Diffusing Pipe:The aeration flow of powerful tiny bubbles drains through diffusing pipe, the speed becomes slow, the pressure increase greater. The aeration effect will be excellent as long as the aerator is installed at the proper water depth.


  • Depending on the installation situation at project site, we have Aeration Device for option. But the pump and air pipe are excluded of our aeration device, pump and air pipe need to be purchased additionally.
Type Inch mm Applicable Series
JET-25 1" 25 BF, AS, BSF
JET-32 1¼"
32 BF, AS, BSF
JET-40 1½"
40 BF, AS, BSF
JET-50 2" 50 BF, AS, BSF
TOJ-25 1" 25 BF, AS, BSF
TOJ-32 1¼"
32 BF, AS, BSF
TOJ-40 1½"
40 BF, AS, BSF
TOJ-50 2" 50 BF, AS, BSF