Vertical Type Coaxial Pump

Vertical Type Coaxial Pump


  • Top-pull-out design.
  • Easy dismantling for service.
  • Rigid alignment for easy installation.
  • Engineered Impeller to increase the life of motor bearings and shaft seals.
  • Optional with seal-flushing and other mounting design.


  • Motor rotor is made by stainless steel, impelleris made by stainless steel or bronze. The motor casing of pump could be chosen iron casting or stainless steel, and for the pump inside comes with high quality mechanical seal and impeller balancing adjust which ensure that each pump with the best performance.


  • Air conditioning.
  • Industrial circulation.
  • Chill water cooling.
  • Hot water heating.
  • Geothermal heating.


  • Relieve all air in piping by opening air vent during priming.